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Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 09:46:58 -0600
From: "Jim Cole" <jcole@memphis.edu>
To: "Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org" <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Worst Bicycle Movie...EVER!!!

Well, I think I've found probably the absolute WORST bicycle movie ever made! The movie is called 10-Speed and is some sort of low budget "bike boom-ploitation" flick made in 1976. Let me tell you, this is one stinker of a movie.

The plot (uh, so to speak) listed on the video box states, "Steve and Cindy, co-workers in a top advertising agency, find themselves as a 'team' on a 400 mile 10-speed race from San Francisco to Malibu. Steve, a confirmed cycle fanatic and playboy, rides to gain personal recognition. Cindy resents his macho attitude and enters the race to disprove Steve's claim that a woman could never win."

Steve the "confirmed cycle fanatic" fanatically rides his el cheap-o AMF department store 10-speed all around San Francisco in the opening scene. Hmmm, a bad sign already. According to the credits, AMF supplied the junky bikes so all the cast members rode them in the race. Occasionally, one of the cast would blast by an extra who would, oddly enough, be a real cyclist in proper riding gear with a real racing bike. Yeah, right! I don't know who supplied the actors with their hot pants and tube socks, but they all wore them like that was what a serious bike racer should be decked out in. Gotta love the '70s.

For some reason the voices didn't seem to quite match the actors very well as they spoke. Maybe they were dubbed in or maybe it was just the poor editing...strange. I did recognize one name in the credits and that was of music producer Kim Fowley. Hard to believe he was producing the disco dribble in this film the same year he was producing the Runaways (yeah!). I like bad low budget movies, but this is ridiculous! Dale, I'll be happy to send you the video tape if you want to screen it at the upcoming Cirque :-)

Jim Cole Memphis, TN

For some reason the voices don't seem to match the actors very well as they speak. Maybe they were dubbed in or maybe it was just the poor editing...strange.