Re: [CR]Does Anyone Know This Address?

(Example: Production Builders:Peugeot:PY-10)

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 05:53:47 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR]Does Anyone Know This Address?
From: "Steven L. Sheffield" <>
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Try instead of addresses are reserved for employees, and are usually in the form.


Steven "used to date a Netscape employee" Sheffield


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> Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 06:06:21 EST
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> Subject: [CR]Does Anyone Know This Address?
> Hello,
> The following ad appeared in January in the Campyonly Classifieds:
> "Bianchi enthusiasts!! I have a Bianchi Cromolite63cm Dedaccia frame with
> chorus headset, 400.00 It is celeste with celeste unicrown fork. virtually
> new.
> I also have factory paint!! spray from Bianchi factory, 2 part application.
> 23.50 includes shipping. Looking for Bianchi Decals? I have a selection of
> 1980's and 1990's decals. 25.00 / sheet
> also, campy spray lube, new--8.00 campy belt buckle, new--10.00 campy seat
> binder, new, 8.00
> "
> I have written to this address twice and had both returned as undeliverable.
> Does anyone know this person? Does the address have a typo? Thank you for
> any help.
> Tom Donahue
> 56F and dark right now, but
> 74F and sunny later