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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 20:46:48 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: (was silca) now Chromed Plastic
From: Mark A. Perkins <>


I don't have anything more than a name of a magazine and a Hobby shop, but I have seen articles and advertisements in scale model car magazines, most notably "Scale Auto Enthusiast," about companies that will chrome plate, or re-chrome plate, styrene (and other) plastic model parts. Also, when I lived in Sonoma County, CA, a few short months ago, the owner of "Klaus' Little Shop Of Hobbies," would pool together with other model builders and send in parts to be chrome plated as a group. I believe the results were quite nice. "Klaus" can be contacted through directory assistance for Rohnert Park, California. He's a great guy, and if you do get in touch tell him I said Hi. As far as I know, The company he deals with is one that advertises in the previously mentioned magazine.

"Bicycle Mark" Perkins (Yes I am also a model builder, but the subject is usually automotive, although I do have a few Protar "classic lightweight" bicycle models) Visalia, CA

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:25:59 -0500 "Donald Dundee" <> writes:
> Does anyone have any information on the process for chrome plating plastic?
> I've always wondered how the plastic doesn't melt in the process. Does anyone
> have a source to do this?
> ken Denny
> Boston
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