[CR]FS: Italvega Super Special

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From: <MSCTROSE@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 23:04:27 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]FS: Italvega Super Special

I aquired this bike, its too big for me, and for the moment, I can't bear to part it out because its sooo sweeet!!! Not raced, used very sparingly by a guy in the 70's, then stored. This bike was dusty and seldom used, its like out of a time capsule. Detailed description below if interested, $650 plus shipping. I will take pics and post them this week.

Italvega Super Special, full Campy NR, 63 cm stamped in seat lug. I guess 1974, the rear derailluer is stamped 74. Light green metallic, Columbus tubing (foil sticker) with really beautiful finely filed lugwork, with diamond cutouts colored in pale yellow. Chrome on dropout faces, fork crown, and around edges of rear drops (which have drilled holes in the dropout faces as well.) No dents, paint looks good, foil sticker and downtube sticker intact, some light pitting on chrome on fork crown, edges of dropouts where there's chrome (it might all come off, I got some of it with very little effort with rubbing). Braze ons for dt h2o bottle, above bb cable guides, rear cable stop.

Details on Campy NR group: flat side qr's on wheels and brakes, rust on chrome on front derailluer, the little nuts and some bolts on brakes (again, I got some of it off with cleaning), NO scratches on pedal ends of cranks or toe strap rub for that matter, pedals have very, very minor scratches on one end (pedals are SL black cage) no cleat wear on cages, No scrapes on rear derailluer, cranks are 177.5, 42/53, not sure about rear cluster, looks like a 13/21 five speed. top tube cable clips, toe clips, shifter clamp, umbrella pump clip have slight rust on them (but no rust under clips). When I cleaned up the cranks and seatpost, they look stellar. Looks like a thin cup bb, straight cage front derailluer, high flange hubs with old label Fiamme red label rims (stainless front spokes, rustless rear), rear flat Clement silk, front tubular rotted but holds air. Unicanitor seat, TTT stem, Cinelli old logo bar, one scrape on brake lever, rotted brake hoods. Original cables, also still has the little blue paper doohickies on the brake adjusters (now faded white).

If interested, let me know.