Re: [CR]The rest of the Medici story

From: "Donald Dundee" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]The rest of the Medici story
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:26:08 -0500

>>>>>I think your experiences are extremely esoteric and not really of
>>>>>interest to the general list, especially you obvious animosity towards
>>>>>each other. Maybe you guys can go down the street and shake hands or
>>>>>something, but to make a forum such as this a venue for personal debate
>>>>>over issues that go back over decades....well, it just ain't cool.

Now, regarding cast lugs. I would defer to Hilary's informed journalistic experience here, but it is my understanding that investment casting, using the lost wax technique, goes back way before Masi, Microfusione, and all the other Italians, to pre war England - (Chater, British Made, Oscar Egg, etc.).

I appreciate the contributions of both of you fellas to the cycling community, but sometimes partnering instead of bickering turns out to be a win-win. try it, you may like it.

Ken "I've eaten crow in so many ways I could write a cookbook" Denny

>From: Brian Baylis <>
>Subject: Re: [CR]The rest of the Medici story
>Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 17:49:04 -0800
>I have another question that I would be curious to know the answer to.
>Sometime while Mike and I were building Wizard Cycles the introduction
>of investment cast lugs came to Masi. I think Masi was one of the first
>(if not the first) company to make investment cast lugs. Microfussione
>in Italy cast the first lugs. I always thought that Mario made the
>"model lugs" for the Masi investment cast lugs. My question is, did
>Mario ever build any Carlsbad Masis using the investment cast lugs? I
>know Eisentraut was using them, and we used them when we came back in
>June 1976. I just wonder when the first cast lugs arrived at Masi and
>was Mario there then? I'm curious how much Mario was involved in the
>development of the Masi lugs.