Re: [CR] The rest of the Medici Story

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 17:10:57 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] The rest of the Medici Story
From: "Hilary Stone" <>

No the cast lugs used up until the 1970s were not investment cast. The method was used was far cruder and hours upon hours of filing were needed to get a smooth shape as the lugs had casting marks all over and were very thick and heavy. That is why good quality pressed lugs became popular ­ they needed far less filing and cleaning up. Investment cast lugs however need even less work and so have become popular in the last twenty years or so. I would not know who first used them but I do think that the likely origin in the first place was in all probability Italy. Hilary Stone

Ken Denny wrote: ... now, regarding cast lugs. I would defer to Hilary's informed journalistic
> experience here, but it is my understanding that investment casting, using
> the lost wax technique, goes back way before Masi, Microfusione, and all the
> other Italians, to pre war England - (Chater, British Made, Oscar Egg,
> etc.).

in reply to Brian Bayliss:
   >> I think Masi was one of the first
>>(if not the first) company to make investment cast lugs. Microfussione
>>in Italy cast the first lugs. I always thought that Mario made the
>>"model lugs" for the Masi investment cast lugs. My question is, did
>>Mario ever build any Carlsbad Masis using the investment cast lugs? I
>>know Eisentraut was using them, and we used them when we came back in
>>June 1976. I just wonder when the first cast lugs arrived at Masi and
>>was Mario there then? I'm curious how much Mario was involved in the
>>development of the Masi lugs.