Re: [CR]Date of Cinelli Bivalent Hub

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 19:47:46 -0800
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
To: Charles Andrews <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Date of Cinelli Bivalent Hub
References: <>

Charles Andrews wrote:
> Note that there is currently what appears to be a very clean matching pair
> of these hubs now on ebay. Nice pictures. Be interesting to see what they
> end up going for.
> Chareles

These are the later models (all alloy) that we discussed. Without the attendant hardware and the freewheel, both nonexistant today (even on eBay), the value would or should be very low. (I hope none of you list members have any expectations of buying the hubs and then finding the hardware and freewheel; talk about a Quixotic quest!)

Chuck Schmidt
South Pasadena, California