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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 12:49:48 -0800

Group--I have several English bikes from the 30's (Freddie Grubb) through the 80's (Condor) that use a short reach in the front and long reach in the back. Never got a good answer, other than "that's the way they did it!". Any suggestions on that one-- makes it a real bear-- had to use a Campag drop bolt on the Condor. Perhaps some kind of a French Influence?

Anybody have a drop bolt for a Zeus 2000 Centerpull?

Those of us who are approaching our twilight years can remember (since it is long term memory) when long reach brakes were the norm and these short reach things were hard to find, if you really needed them!

Cheers-- Nelson in 55 degree, Sunny Seattle!

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<snip> I was struck by how hard it is to find long reach nutted brakes and how many bikes I have that take them. <snip> So that makes my vintage brake nut factor 68.75 percent. I'm curious how the number runs for the group. Anyone with a higher percentage? <snip>

Tom, 66.66% (of my three) take long reach brakes. I have twice bought what I thought were long reach brakes, only to come up "short." To also reference another post, my mid to late '70s garage-sale Bianchi came with DiaCompe copies of Weinmann Vainquer 999 cp brakes, and, as Pete Geurds had, I assumed them to be replacements; however, Harvey's post makes me wonder whether they might have been original to the bike.

Tom (used to have one old bike, now have three, and a growing box of parts and stuff) Donahue in Melbourne, FL (where it is gloriously sunny with a light breeze, but I am inside working to pay off the bike parts bills)