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As far as durability goes, I'm not sure it makes any difference, at least not in my experience.

Also, look at what the pros have been riding for years as well as the current spate of wheelsets from Mavic, Shimano (bad word), Campagnolo, etc. Those are (almost) all built on essentially low flange hubs and some have as few as 20 spokes.

Having said that, I have a set of Campagnolo high flange hubs laced to Mavic clinchers, originally dished for a six speed, and I'm still riding them, redished for a fixed gear,16 years later with no problems or spoke breakage!

Rick Chasteen, Kansas City

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> A clarification: the hubs are 36 H and the plan is to build 4 cross.
> My main concern is which, if either, hub would be most durable with respect to spoke breakage considering my size. Intuitively, it would seem with a higher flange the shorter spoke length would be less prone to flexing and breaking. Both hubs were available in 1976, so either would seem appropriate for the period. Would appreciate additional thoughts.
> Greg