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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:26:59 -0500
From: Jerry Moos <>
To: Richard M Sachs <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Yes, (shudder!) more Masi input.....
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I'm not a Masi fan any more than I am a fan of any fine bike, but I think the fascination of the story is that a remarkable number of outstanding, mostly American, framebuilders were connected with Masi in some way. When I first saw the Movie "Breaking Away", I was contemptuous of the hero's California Masi as "not the real thing". Only years later, when I learned of some of the people involved in the California operation, did I change my opinion.


Jerry Moos

Richard M Sachs wrote:
> (replying to post at bottom)
> if ted built these bikes, are they ted's
> OR are they masi's???
> and after so many iterations occuring since
> first appearing in california via milano, what
> exactly was the 'draw' of any of these bikes,
> particularly the post mid '70s versions, when
> the cord that connected it all was already beginning
> to fray. does owning the rights to the name
> justify the 'buzz' that seems connected to this
> thread?
> i am a long time masi-watcher, ever since i read
> the review in 'bicycling' in june 1971. despite all
> the people, builders, locations, post -gran criterium
> frame models, (milano built prestige and 3V models
> notwithstanding), involved in this saga, i don't get
> all this infatuation with the stuff. once it was clear
> that the initial italian inspired/california built masi's
> were not as intended, everything else was made 'under
> license' by various people that had no connection to
> the vigorelli velodrome family of artisans.
> i understand having lunch at 'subway', etc.: the same
> sandwiches in 50 states because the business is franchised.
> but framebuilding under the same 'made under license
> since we own the name (now) type-of-mentality' !!
> why is this stuff special?
> On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 09:54:43 -0800 Jim Allen <> wri
> Ted forgets to take credit for building Gorski's Olympic Gold Medal
> wining bike
> ('84) and Connie Paraskevin's World Championship bike ('83).
> Connie's bike was
> produced and painted in less than one day. Gorski's bike was a
> "Murray" and
> Connie's was painted Bianchi Green with no decals...I did the
> painting on both
> and some minor tasks on Connie's - filing and such.
> Ted also supplied some bike to Russian teams for the Tour Du Pont
> around 1990.
> Later,
> Jim Allen