Re: [CR]Yes, more Masi input..Tools for the Pro?

Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:08:25 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Yes, more Masi input..Tools for the Pro?
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Any number of common garden implements can be used to achieve the "Jackson Effect" so popular on their forks. Although any respectable chain saw can be used; a weed wacker, wood chipper, edger, or post hole digger can be used to obtain good results in skilled hands.

Professionals like myself tend towards more effecient methods like an outboard motor, airplane propeller, or any number of battlebots I've seen, Mauler in particular. After the initial cuts (which are too smooth and clean), you have to go in afterwards and do the detail work with a jack hammer to get the right effect. I'm sure some of the other framebuilders on the list have a few tricks of their own; framebuilders tend to be somewhat creative in making their tooling.

Regarding framebuilder Jesse Jackson Jr. (of JJJ Frames) I have never met him personally, although I've heard that he was caught making illigitimate frames with another company on the side recently. I believe he has at least temproarily discontinued production on account of a breakbown. If he resurfaces, you can blame viagra.

Hope that sheds some light on your questions (that spotlight is yours, baby).

Brian "chainsaw" Baylis
> In a message dated 3/1/01 1:18:17 AM, writes:
> << Again one must trust the person and the
> reputation and hope they are well deserved. My Jackson trike came with a
> fork that looked like it was milled with a chainsaw. >>
> Mr Bryan Bayliss
> Love your posts. As an avid bicycler and frame repair hobit I was looking for
> some tool recommendations so I can go full time in the big game of cycle
> construction and advanced frame building.
> Knowing that you Bryan Bayliss and Jackson (Jesse, Jesse Jr or Bob I forget)
> are all builders with a good rep; what brand and model of chainsaw mill
> would you personally recommend for someone starting out?
> Also I know that Dale Brown sold several nice bikes to IL. Congressman Jesse
> Jackson Jr. years ago but I'm not sure he ever built frames as good as his
> dad. Any insight on these builders would be most helpful.
> Could you (or Dale enlighten) us.
> Regards,
> Gilbert" always wanted to get in the spotlight" Anderson