Re: [CR]Pictures of Stronglight 3-arm crank for your viewing pleasure

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Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 19:00:17 -0500
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
To: Steve Freides <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Pictures of Stronglight 3-arm crank for your viewing pleasure
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I agree with Dale. Those look like mod 49 arms, I doubt the rings are original. For replacement rings, if you can find a mod 49 outer ring, the inner ring will be 122, same as the relatively common mod 93, for which Sheldon still has chainrings. If not you cannot find a mod 49 outer, use a set of chainrings for TA Cyclotourist. In fact, mod 49 arms with TA rings were very common on expensive French touring bikes, including Singer and Herses which didn't have Herse cranks. The TA rings were favored for the wide range of available rings. I suppose the mod 49 arms must have been considered more elegant than the TAs - probably because the Stronglights had an engraved logo while the TAs had a decal.


Jerry Moos

Steve Freides wrote:
> The crank arm is the same, but my spider is 3 arms instead of the 6
> pictured. Since the spider can be bolted on, perhaps the questions is
> "whose spider and chainrings" are on the cranks?
> -S-
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> > << while they are Stronlight cranks, I can find nothing that resembles them
> > on Dale's website >>
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> > I see more than a similarity between yours and the Stronglight mod. 49s in
> > this pic.
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> > IMO yours are 49s .. The puzzler is whose chain rings are on the cranks.
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> > Dale Brown