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Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 15:08:35 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] was Volte Face once again Charlie Gibb
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Just to add some more ;
> The "Gibb" I have might not be of utilitarian make-up but I don't think its
> anywhere near 17.3/4 lbs. 34.1/7 lbs maybe! The lugs, by the way, aren't fancy
> but there's obviously been some care taken in filing them so that they blend
> into the frame tubes quite smoothly.

I got it the wrong way round - Reynolds HM special lightweight produced the 17.3/4 lb racing bikes - the 'A' quality was the heavier of the two - perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me ( Hilary ? ) can explain the difference in Reynolds tubing in the mid to late 20's
>> If it was the 20's you'll be certain to find more info in the Scottish
>> R.R.A. records - this was virtually the only organised road racing going on
>> at the time. Does Vic have any ex-Wheelers mates who might know ?

As a side note (in the Scottish area anyway) road racing then meant time trials and not massed starts.
> Next time we vintage bikers are in the Stonehaven area, Bob, we'll definitely
> take you up on your offer of a drum up.

Offer open to any CR members - the shops on the Sustrans east coast route.....

Just in case anyone thought the original posting including the reason for so many ex-shipyard and support company employees working in the cycle trade in the West of Scotland was anything but the truth, see my website page at the following URL -

Bob (free Nelson Mandela) Reid