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My vote would be for a French frame that's contemporary with the parts, and that like Mavic SSC saw lots of pro use in that period. Ever hear of CNC frames? A Paris shop that did a lot of "ghost building" for pros who put their sponsors' names on them. 1980's examples of this brand look a lot like the LeMond/Hinault/Fignon/j. boyer era Gitanes. A bike club in the LA area used to have a connection to the company and there might be one or two floating around for sale. Other than CNC, probably the other initialed French bike of the time, TVT carbon fiber, would be a good pick. If you want to ride it hard, a steel bike would be a safer choice than a twenty year old piece of Tupperware.

David Feldman

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> I'm in the process of putting together a long range bike plan, what things
> to sell, which to restore, ETC. Anyway I have about 1.5 bikes worth of
> '85-'86 Mavic SSC parts and want to put them on a frame in the next year.
> The question is what frame? I know many of you out there are
> French-fixated and I think these parts deserve a French frame. What do you
> think, Alan, Peugeot, Vitus, what? Which models and why? If you think
> they would fit well on another frame just say so. My knowledge of French
> bikes is a bit lacking and I need your help.
> thanks,
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