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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:49:26 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]R. Herse: Comparative Value with the Character

About the Character,

One Herse equals 400 Raleigh SL's in Team Red/Yellow/Black. The character said he Limey Larry; could order the Raleigh frame for $100.00 each. Sadly not today, perhaps not at any price any more as Raleigh is not producing in the UK, just Asia (anyone knows of a custom Raleigh Frame Shop?).

On the value of the Herse $4000 seems like a bargain if the repair work and other faults are as Mr Bayliss(sic) descibed. One value that a vintage bike must represent but is rarely mentioned is how much it would cost to produce a similar product with it's major features in today's world for comparison. Think of the time put into a fancy lugged Hetchins recently found at the fraud controle department?

I don't mean the same just a similar crafted product.

Maybe this is not fair but Mr. Sachs, Bayliss or Bohemiem-Dave (easy targets since they are on this list) cost out a Herse style demontable with tubular steel racks front and rear with intricate lighting and modern high grade components of similar quality or reputation.

I've been told that chroming that demontable joint requires a bit of trickery as the tolerances on mine are very very tight. I once went on a ride without securing the joint with sliding collar and didn't even notice though it certainly was not designed for this.

Brooks Modern TA crank Clipless (yeck!) Pedals Full Chrome treatment Other contemporary Euro parts perhaps.

Could you frame building fellows construct one today ready to ride for $8000.00? Would it be much higher? No pressure just curious.

A bicycle is certainly more than the sum of it's parts. A builder reputation is based as much on myth as fact sometimes. I wonder if Mario Confente was alive today and had produced many more bicycles if he would as been nearly as highly regarded. I am frankly suprised that his work is so sought after with so many excellent alternatives available today and yesteryear available.

I frankly have never seen his work (that I know about, rumor has it that most bikes produced in the mid to late 1970's here in abroad had some association with him) so my opinion is frankly blank. I must conclude that his work was quite good and he was very innovative to be so highly regarded on this list. I have a hard time believing that the current crop of technition/craft people that build frames to such a high standard (lets not forget our list contributors; Bohemian, Sachs, Bayliss(sic?) ) here in the US give anything up to Mr. Confente's past work. Brian may want to take me the woodshed on this but who knows as he among others had a close association.

Just thinking out loud.

Gilbert Anderson

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<< To put things in perspective, there's a Fender Stratocaster on eBay which used to belong to Jimi Hendrix.

It's currently at a little over $100K, with 9 days to go.

That's 25 Rene Herse demontables, and climbing every minute.......

If you can't afford the guitar, the same seller has a pair of shoes which used to belong to Noel Redding (gulp!).

Chris Beyer (What's "Disposable Income", anyway??) Bloomfield, NJ