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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 22:09:56 -0800
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This is what Ken Denny (Free Ken) posted last year:

Here are a few of my favs - most are north of Tuscany.

1) Learco Guerra Museum in Mantua Dedicated to the "Human Locomotive", Italy's first Campionissimo (supposedly - how they decide this accolade I do not know).

Visit on the web @

2) Sergio Sanvido Collection _ Bicicletta Museo. Cessiomagione, It (in the Dolomites)

Probably the best single collection of racing cycles with great provenance and pedigree in the world. Includes a collection of Bevilacqua's bikes as well as cycles of Coppi, Guerra, Bartali, et al. Over two hundred bikes and all sorts of related items.

visit on the web @

3) Of course, Cherci Madonna del Ghisallo. The shrine located on Como lake. Beautiful collection of all the great machines. Lots of cycles, jerseys, etc. This place is THE PILGRAMAGE for anyone who is into cycling history, legend and myth.

visit on web @

The, of course there are the factories and shops themselves. Bianchi and Campagnolo have collections on display, not to mention the legendary ateliers of Masi (at Vigorelli track in Milan, Cinelli (45 edigio Foli, Milan) and DeRosa (cucino Milanino, which is a suburb of Milan).

Brian Baylis wrote:
> Listmembers,
> I have a friend who is planning a vacation to Italy in a couple of
> months and is interested in visiting the bicycle museum there. Does
> anyone know where in Italy such a museum is located? I would assume it
> is in the northern part, I would imagine not too far from Milano. He
> promises me some "very interesting" photos from said museum that would
> be of interest to us all; the nature of which I will disclose at a later
> date. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
> Second request. Are there any listmembers living in or very near Santa
> Cruz, CA? I'm seeking information that could be had from a local phone
> book from that area. Any help on this one would also be much
> appreciated. Please email me off list.


> Thanks,


> Brian Baylis