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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 13:15:54 -0800 (PST)
From: "Tom Dalton" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cinelli Handlebar Question
To: Fred Beavers <>
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I'm not a Cinelli expert, but I am pretty familliar with the newer (1980's) bars. I've been obsessing over the logos myself of late. I'll put these in order, and give my best guess on the dates.
> 1. "Old logo" design. I don't know when they stopped making these, but I do remember having to choose between the two types when I bought my first Cinellis from fellow lister Larry Black in 1982. The change was made when Cinelli was sold to some other company. I'm sure Chuck Schmidt knows when that was ('78?) and the name of the company (Columbus?). Also note that old-logo bars that pre-date the 1-R stem didn't have knurlings across the center section, I think they had just two little rings of knurling. Probably even more rare than ordinary old logo bars. By the way, if you have any old logo 66-42's cluttering up your home, I'll give you way more than the aluminum recycling guy would.
> 4. New Cinelli logo on both left and right of
>stem, 66-42 stamped below Cinelli logo on right,
> del Mondo stamped below logo on left. Dull gray
> anodized finish, no groove.

The early new-logo bars were stamped "Cinelli" on both sides. I have photos of some Euro pros using these as late as '85 and no photos showing star-logo bars until 1986. The "Cinelli both sides" bars are surprisingly scarce. As for the finish being dull, you can probably chalk that up to typical Cinelli quality control. My bars of that type have wierd striations that appear to have come from the extruding process. Also the logos are shallow and uneven.

2. New Cinelli logo to right of stem, star design
> with Campioni del Mondo (sp?) on left, 66-42 stamped
> below Cinelli logo on right, shiny silver anodized
> finish.

Probably sometime after 1985. Even the star logo bars are semi-scarce if you seek groovelessness.
> 3. Same as above but dull gray anodized finish,
> single cable groove on front of bars.

Groovy bars came out around 1990. By this point the dull finish was less a reflection of variabilty in quality and more part of a descernable trend. Each pair of Cinellis that I've purchased lately (and I've purchased my last new ones) has been duller than the next. My most recent set wasn't even the same reach as all my others. I think Cinelli doesn't consider a plan old bar (non-ergo, non-heat treated) worthy of a decent finish anymore. No longer top of the tine.
> 5. Top66 model, 7075 aluminum, dual ergo grooves.

Too new. We will get in trouble if we talk about that one. Moreover, I don't know when they came out.
> Thanks,
> Fred Beavers
> snowy later today in Boulder
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