Re: [CR]chain skip

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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 09:35:26 -0500
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]chain skip
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Yes, it is extremely difficult to get a chain to run smoothly on the small/small or large/large combos, even on a 5 speed rear. This is especially true on racing bikes with short chainstays, since there is just not enough chain length to allow the chain to make a more moderate angle from chainwheel to cog. Small/small is worse, as the chain also must flex more in the vertical plane to wrap around the small rear cog. "Ten-speeds" were really eight-speeds at best.


Jerry Moos wrote:
> Egads!
> Didn't realize that there was a 'no-no' set-up. The skip is indeed on
> the 42/13 combo. Measuring the chainstay length tomorrow. Also will check for
> stiff links. Thanks to everyone for the helpful advice.
> Post Paddy Day ride tomorrow!
> Scott "skip to the loo" Smith