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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 10:05:54 -0800
From: "Jeanette Bell" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Rigi and the Rivendell Reader
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Mike, I remember the Rigis well. When I was first getting started in the bike paint biz around 1978, these frames were being imported by Bicycle Parts Pacific into the US. The workmanship was cobby by anyone's standards and the paint fell off if you looked at it funny. Clark Barefoot of BPP asked me if I would paint them if he brought them in raw. I was very happy to get the work and eagerly accepted. From then on, all the Rigis had glossy Imron paint jobs covering up some of the worst filing I have ever seen. I will always be grateful to Clark for keeping me alive for a couple of years at the beginning of my painting career. Joe Bell San "rolling blackouts" Diego wrote:
> Hey all-
> Just got a copy of RR22 and besides the usual assortment
> of excellent articles, interviews, and stories there was a nice piece on the Rigi bicycle and some neat pics.
> I wrote Grant to see if he can make the pics available;)
> Pretty funky looking seat-cluster and BB shell to handle
> the split seat tube!
> The article explains the history and design of the Rigi,
> plus a funny little side note about how he got use of it
> for the day;)
> Anybody got firsthand experience or thoughts on the Rigi
> bicycle?
> Mike "Spring is coming, so why did I fall?" Wilkinson
> Parker, Co