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From: <Wornoutguy@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 22:26:12 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: Classicrendezvous digest, Vol 1 #417 - 24 msgs

I just read all of your examples of the worst bike parts ever made - look at what they are doing now - Campagnolo in an attempt to one up Shimano makes a 10 speed rear cassette - Shimano just patented a 14 speed rear - Forks are made of all carbon including the steerer and have threadless headsets the entire thing is adjusted with a star nut that looks like the ones that fell out of my chair leg back in Elementary school. The Stem has big ugly nuts to hold it to the steerer and some have cut outs for easy handlebar changes (how often do you change out your handlebar?) At a local race I noticed how the fad of low spoke number and carbon spoke wheels has caught on. Did anyone tell these people that lighter wheels don't amount to much if all the weight is in the rim. Oh well that is why we all love our old bikes. Sam DiBartolomeo in CA