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I remember Maserati bikes being reviewed in Bicycling! in the 70's. Typical Italian quality of the era, don't know who really built them. I think the Maserati brothers were involved, but probably only to the extent LeMond is now with the bikes bearing his name - marketing, maybe a few general design decisions, but not involved with actual production. I was a sports car fan even then, and I seem to recall the Maserati brothers had sold the car company some years before the bikes appeares. I think they subsequently built smaller engined cars under the OSCA name. The Maserati car company at one time came under the control of Chrysler - I remember there was a Maserati version of a circa 1990 Crysler LeBaron coupe. I don't think Maserati bikes lasted more than a few years. I'm not sure what the Maserati brothers were involved in after that.


Jerry Moos

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Rick's mention of his Maserati prompts me to ask about this bike. I have some catalogs that list it but have never seen one in person nor do I recall them ever being mentioned on the list. As a enthusiast of sports cars, the Maserati brand means a lot and up until the mid 70's was known as a finely engineered hand crafted car. How do the bikes stack up against the other well known top tier Italian, English and French bikes of the 70's? Anyone out there have any info, experience or opinions?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Elman
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> Hello,
> I am new to the whole vintage road scene. I began working in shops in the
> mid '80s just as the times began to change. I have a love of old road bikes
> though and have collected a few, with absolutley no clue what they are
> worth. Any ideas would be appreciated.
> 1. 60cm Davidson show bike. It is black w/ 24k gold lugs, drops and right
> stay. Complete with the black anodized SR group with gold accents. Probably
> has 500 miles.
> 2. 58/59cm px-10 with the gold der's and brakes. Pretty cool bike but has
> been refinished.
> 3. 58/59cm px-10 (1974) stock bike that has less than 500 miles.
> 4. 60cm Guerciotti by Alan with a full pantagraphed SR group and GEL 280's.
> Mostly NOS-I think that the 180 mm cranks are the only things that have been
> used.
> 5. 62cm Colnago Super (1975) with the full pantagraphed NR group (SR headset
> and 36 hole lf hubs). Has been ridden but is in remarkable shape.
> I am working on a Gitane tour de france (like has been getting quite a bit
> of mention on here lately) and nearly finished with a '73 maserati with a
> complete NR group. I had to polish the pits out of the aluminum so it will
> not be really correct but should be shiny! Thanks alot.
> Rick (damn sunny and good riding in Portland) Bakke