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Wow ... Merckx has been building frames as long as Bianchi!


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>From: Chuck Schmidt <>
>Date: 3/27/01 10:45:28 AM
>Well, I'm another in agreement. Around 1884(?) Eddy Merckx introduced a
>new bike and used Reynolds 753 for the first time: red to white fade
>"Grand Prix" model with his new graphics and Shimano 7400. This was
>after Moser was racing on Shimano instead of Campagnolo. I thought the
>stuff looked _very_ classy with the epoxy fill logo and grey anodizing!
>I still love that bike!
>Eddy's comment on the new at the time index shifting was that the Junior
>racers were using it as a test and that it didn't work too long in the
>Belgian mud.
>Chuck Schmidt
>South Pasadena, California
>another perfect spring day in SoCal
> wrote:
>> I've been reflecting on this issue of the classic bike pinnacle and I have to
>> add one for consideration. If someone already mentioned this and I missed it,
>> apologies to them and all.
>> A fine lugged mid-1980s frame with an early Dura Ace 7400 group. Sure it
>> indexes but it has a friction option too. The 126 oln is acceptable and the
>> early ones were fitted with wide 6 speed freewheels, later 7 speed freewheels
>> then cassettes. The finish on every component is beautifully done. The single
>> pivot calipers are elegant, silky smooth and light action. In fact overall
>> the group performs at least as well as it's Campy competition.
>> I accept that much has been copied from Campy, who better to copy. I accept
>> the rear deraileur owes its design essence to Suntour. I also recognize that
>> the little plastic and gray anodized bits aren't "classic" but overall it's
>> stunning. OK, now I'm ready to be beaten to a pulp!
>> Randy
>> Corral De Tierra, Ca.