Re: [CR]Cost of Shipping, Was Mystery bike seller..

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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 12:53:49 -0800
From: "Kenneth Stagg" <>
To: classics <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cost of Shipping, Was Mystery bike seller..
References: <> wrote:
> $100 isn't so far fetched as you might think. If the seller has a bike shop
> pack it ($25-50); Mailboxes Etc ship it from west coast to east coast ($40-55
> for UPS charges & another $20 for Mailboxes), then $100 is eaten very quickly.


I'd agree with you *but* a closer look at his wording:

"Lucky winner agrees to pay for all actual shipping costs a $100.00 professional packing fee and insurance."

leads me to believe that the $100 is just the packing fee - shipping and insurance are extra.

I'd be interested to know whose doing the professional packing job as he's essentially local to me and you have to figure that's a shop you'd want to avoid.

Ken Stagg in rainy Tacoma, Washington - maybe 10 miles from Puyallup.