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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 21:57:28 -0800
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Yes, and did you see that Legnano, offered by Handley, going for under 400 with a day to go??<blah>


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I have done alot of business with him in the past as well. He is quite a fount of knowledge. I just wish he would have given me those matching pink Merciers for being such a good customer.

Don Andersen Columbia, MD

>If anyone needs to contact Grant Handley I have
>an up to day phone number as well. The number you might
>gather from old Bicycle Traders, etc., is no longer in
>service. You can, of course, email him and ask him!
>Grant sold me two Herse and brokered by Singer from
>the shop in Paris. He knows so much about these bikes
>it is breathtaking.
>Douglas Brooks
>Canandaigua, NY