[CR]Grease injecting Record hubs

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Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 12:30:14 -0500 (EST)
From: "Brandon Ives" <monkey37@bluemarble.net>
To: George Rausch <george.rausch@cityofmonett.com>
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Subject: [CR]Grease injecting Record hubs

Yes you can do that, but you won't remove any contamination from the bearing area. Don't use oil, though grease is just oil with different detergents. Just pull them apart, clean with solvent, and repack with new grease and bearings. The problem is little specks of dust, metal, and dirt that contaminate the bearings and cause wear on the running surfaces. If you just add grease you're not removing any of this, thus not solving the problem. Some hubs are designed so you can pump grease through the hubs and purge the contamination and old grease. These systems kinda work, but are no replacement to a full overhaul. The time line for full overhaul varies on how much you ride the bike and in what conditions.

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On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, George Rausch wrote:
> Could I get advice on whether to inject grease into my Record hubs oil port?
> Must I use oil, and if so how much and how often. Thanks.