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Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 15:05:44 -0500
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Quoth Steve Freides:
>I have a delightful bike, a Hercules 3-speed that weighs what any two of my
>other bikes together do. I've been riding it around town and have found
>that it seems to shift out of first gear all by itself far too often.
>I tried tightening the one screw on the trigger but that didn't seem to

It wouldn't, the screw just holds the trigger onto the handlebars.
>Anything else I can do? Are replacement shifters available? Is this
>a shifter issue and not related to the hub (I can't see how it would be
>related to the hub.)

If the trigger is actually moving from first to second gear, it means that it is worn out and you need a new triggger.

We stock these, among many other Sturmey-Archer parts. See:

My Website features a great deal of stuff about English 3-speeds, see:

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