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From: "Mark Bulgier" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]1981 Pinarello
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 22:34:23 -0800

The Pinarello at Il Vecchio is a special mountain stages bike with some interesting features.

It has a Record triple (old Record) crank, which you can tell is original because it's on a Super Record Ti spindle, double of course, and the frame has a huge deep indent in the right chainstay to allow the 36t granny gear. It's clear the indent wasn't added later. The best part is the crank has the full "Mexico" treatment - radiused, smoothed and polished. That's got to be pretty rare on a triple.

The brakes are also radiused and polished, with the two nuts and washer on the front of the centerbolts replaced by allen-head nuts that're recessed into the brakes - the hole in the front caliper arms being enlarged and counterbored. Way cool.

It's been a while since I looked at it, but I believe George Gibbs, the proprietor, says it's a bike Battaglin rode in a Giro he won overall - I wanna say '84?

BTW, you may know there's another bike shop named Il Vecchio ("the old man" in Italian), in Boulder CO maybe? I'm pretty sure the one in Seattle is older, in case there's any question of copying!

Mark Bulgier Seattle, Wa USA
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> John-
> since you live in Seattle, why be satisfied with just a
> photo. Go see the
> real thing (battaglin's bike) at George Gibb's place down at
> Leshi. He calls
> it "I'l Vecchios". Haven't been there nyself but have been
> told its nice.
> Cheers,
> Dave Anderson
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> > On page 61 of CYCLE SPORT's April issue is a great photo of
> Giovanni
> > Battaglin riding his red Pinarello in the Vuelta, which was
> his that year.
> > Chrome fork, campy, cinelli, mavic, wool jersey, gold
> watch, and check out
> > those shoes. Class, pure class.
> > John Dally
> > Seattle