Re: [CR]New member

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Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 12:24:05 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]New member

Friend Meyer,

Its really not all that rancorous. There are some spirited discussions, but mostly its about the bikes.

As to the references to Mr. Denny, we all await Ken's reappearance in some transmogrified state. Sort of like prognosticating the arrival of the messiah (or anti-messiah), but without the religious connotation. Some had hoped (or feared), that you were Himself.

Ken contributed many positive things to the list and we are poorer for his absence. However, his exclusion was due to his disruptive comments, and while his learned contributions are missed -- the negative aspects of his posts are not. I had hoped that Mr. Denny might apologise to those he offended and that they might welcome him 'home' like the prodigal son. Alas, this has not yet occurred.

Welcome to the list Meyer. Looking forward to your contributions.


Carlo Carr
New Orleans
(Jazz Fest is in Full Swing!)