[CR]Cirque decisions and shameless preview of bikes for sale

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Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 20:20:18 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: Joseph Bender-Zanoni <jfbender@umich.edu>
Subject: [CR]Cirque decisions and shameless preview of bikes for sale

Well a tough decision, the Witcomb USA will not fit because it has fenders. The Jim Redcay is coming. I'll need some hill pushes too since it is in race trim. The Witcomb will be saved for when e-Ritchey can attend.

Why can't I fit both? Because I have so much darn stuff for sale (at Cirque only, I will follow up with an unsold list after the show).

All 57 cm c-c: Austro Daimler Vente Noir with the Smoke Chrome Finish, Bianchi Nueva Racing 12/V in Celeste and an incredible chrome '69 Schwinn Paramount with a little problem. Stop by and see how quickly you can spot it.

Gitane Pro 59 cm frame, 51cm unknown maker custom bike, Hercules Tenerife ladies 3-speed, 40's Hercules Scout w/20" wheels and bringing up the rear a mundane Raleigh Grand Prix.

Lots of parts and wheelsets too. Already sold Jerry Moos a Teledyne sealed bottom bracket for his Teledyne project. I had never seen one until this week, only the titanium axles for regular cups.

See you there.

Joe 5 bikes in the Subaru, 4 strapped on and ready to roll.