RE: [CR]UPS Shipping

Example: Framebuilding:Tony Beek

Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:53:24 EDT
Subject: RE: [CR]UPS Shipping
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99% of the damage I see to frames comes from the below areas, all directly related to the care that the shipper shows in packing: 1st) Damage from the wheel axles, usually to the downtube. This can be prevented by wrapping the frame tubes well and by capping the axles & putting double cardboard between the frame & wheels & between the wheels & outside of the box to prevent the axle going thru the side of the box & allowing the wheel to move with leverage. 2nd) Damage from the stem/handlebar/brake levers--usually to the fork/toptube & headtube. I try to either remove the stem/hb assembly to store it over the rear wheel, or wrap the headtube/toptube assembly area well & tie the bar stem to the toptube with plastic ties. 3rd) Loose parts in the box. Put pedals, post, saddle, skewers in a paper grocery bag, then put that in a plastic grocery bag & tie the handles to the rear wheel. 4th) Top point on the seatlug coming thru the top of the box. Wrap it well with soft foam & put a folded piece of large cardboard over the entire length of the toptube & seatlug junction. 5th) Fork coming thru the front of the box. Use a plastic brace & put extra cardboard between the fork & front & bottom of the box & one that a lot of people forget, tape the bottom of the box too, particularly the ends. 6th) Final tips. Tie the frame to the side of the box with plastic ties (over frame cover of course). Run the ties thru the outside of the box & then back inside to fasten. This keeps the frame immobile during shipment. Finally stuff as much padding as you can between the front & back of the frame & the box to prevent forward/rearward travel.