Re: [CR]Coloral Aluminum Bottles?

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Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 16:12:01 -0400
From: Sheldon Brown <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Coloral Aluminum Bottles?

At 9:42 AM -0800 5/10/01, Chuck Schmidt wrote:
>Anyone want to hazard a guess as to when Coloral aluminum water bottles
>were first introduced? They were made in England and were anodized
>different colors. Some caps (corks with an aluminum cap) were supplied
>with two holes so that a drinking tube of some kind could be inserted in
>the top.

I remember lusting after a set of these as a teenager in the late '50s, but they were way beyond my means...

Back then the standard setup was a pair of bottles mounted in front of the bars, and one of the caps would have a straw so you could drink without removing the bottle from the cage.

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