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Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 09:39:11 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR]Posting announcements of personal Ebay auctions on CR

>Yes, but I think it's permissible because announcing that you have something
>of interest to us on Ebay all seems rather innocuous to me.

The real problem is that sometimes it's really hard to set prices. Mainly because the prices vary wildly and Ebay helps set the range of prices. In the past I've asked what the list thinks the value of a part is and it'll vary more than $150. Ebay allows people to not try to worry about it and just let the market decide. I've never used Ebay but I might start soon since I'm now getting down to parts that are quite odd like the Winners 2000 hub I asked about a month ago. I said once I got a picture I'd post it so here it is <>. On the box is a $30 price that someone paid at a swapmeet, is that what I should sell it for? This is a very rare item, so rare that no one really knew anything about this early aftermarket part.

I've said it before but the "fat-tire" crusier folks are light years ahead of us as far as pricing goes, maybe part of it comes from the fact that many on the list bought many of the parts new. It's really hard to pay 10x the price of something 15 years later. Anyway, I'm starting to get off the subject, burt this is where Ebay comes in handy is to help set prices on things. Think of the last few Herse auctions, one went for over $10,000 and the next one didn't even make the reserve. We all want to get the most we can for stuff, but until we can get it together on pricing we're going to see Ebay setting the prices from day to day.

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