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Subject: Re: [CR]COPPI
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 22:01:11 -0500

Tony -

I'm home and had to check. My Coppi (by Fiorelli) has its serial number ( 65315 )stamped on the right side bottom bracket shell with the size on the opposite edge of the shell. It has spearpoint lugs with chromed fork, head tube and half rear triangle. Brazed on cable guides over the BB shell. Columbus tubing, foil decal, "Tubi Rinforza". On the headtube, another foil decal, "Coppi" with world champion ribbon across the decal. It once had another decal at the base of the seat tube with World Campion colors, but the ribbon is all that's left. Campagnolo dropouts. No special treatment of the seat stay ends. From what I see in the BB, it was brass brazed.

Have no idea what the year is, judging from the over the stay cable stop and over the bracket cable guides with no other braze-ons, I'd say early 70's.

Always looking for decals for the Columbus tubing as well as a foil Coppi decal.

Sid, nice twenty miles in this afternoon, but awfully hot for May in Chicago, Smith