Re: [CR]campy rear hub grease: brand?

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Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 23:06:44 -0700
From: Marc Boral <>
Subject: Re: [CR]campy rear hub grease: brand?
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This subject has been discussed in many forums. Use a search engine, and you'll probably pull up a lot more opinion on this subject. I have tried countless types and brands. My personal opinion is almost any grease will work just fine. From top of the line synthetics to bottom of the line general purpose. What's more important is how often you overhaul the bearings. I do not condone the practice of injecting more grease via oil/grease holes to keep the area lubricated. There is no way the fresh grease displaces all the old (contaminated) grease. Just repack with fresh grease. Yeah, it's more labor, but it's the right way to do things.

Some paints are more susceptible to staining from migrating grease. I don't know which brands of grease are guilty of staining paint. However, I can say from multiple experiences that Campagnolo grease (the old classic white lithium) can stain Bianchi's Celeste color. This would happen typically around the headset and bb.

My personal favorite is Campagnolo Kristal grease. I like it because it is clear. I find the clear property kind of acts as a barometer as to how much contamination occurs from one overhaul to the next. Campagnolo discontinued it's grease line sometime around '96, so it might be hard to find.

Campy made one grease in the late '80s/early '90s that was notorious for solidifying. I can't remember if it was 02-ZPT or 10-N. Over time the grease will harden to the point of a solid. Avoid that one, which ever it is.

Marc Boral

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> Not the injectable thing, the pack it in kind grease.
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