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Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 15:15:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Brandon Ives <>
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Interesting, I saw a Salsa frame that had this treatment and after two years with just a clearcoat it was still fine. Except of course where the clearcoat had come off. The frame had been sandblasted and treated before the clearcoat, so I wonder what the "treatment" was? Classic content is Ross Schaffer designs and builds, or did build and design, in a truly "classic" style. I also remember some of his early MTBs being just as light as many sport/touring bikes. enjoy, Brandon"monkeylad"Ives

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On Thu, 17 May 2001, Marc Boral wrote:
> Clearcoat is a semi-permeable substance. It will protect it's underlying surface
> much better than not having the clearcoat, but the nickel will eventually start
> oxidizing. How long will it take to oxidize with a clearcoat on it? I have no
> idea, too many variables (brand and application of clearcoat, how often cleaned,
> where stored, riding conditions, etc.). I have clearcoated nickel plated objects
> that only saw an indoor environment, and started seeing slight oxidation 10 years
> later.
> A very interesting example of how permeable clearcoat is: Many of you might
> have seen the importer's floor sample of a early '90s Moser Leader AX frame in the
> Moser booth at the Interbike trade shows in the early '90s. This floor sample was
> completely clearcoated instead of painted. I can't remember if the frame was
> lightly polished or whether it received a brushed finish prior to the clearcoat.
> Anyway, it received all the normal decals for that particular model. The intent
> of this floor model was to show the workmanship of the brazing and finishing. It
> was quite striking. Very soon after it was clearcoated, the metal started to
> oxidize. Every time I saw the frame, it was much worse than the time before. It
> was just plain ugly after a few years. Keep in mind, this frame was always
> indoors. Yes, this an example of clearcoat over bare metal, and not over
> plating. But, the point is, clearcoat will only slow down the oxidation process,
> not alleviate it.
> Marc Boral
> Brandon Ives wrote:
> > I was just thinking about this and if you clearcoated over nickel the
> > shine should last, right?
> > enjoy,
> > monkeyman known to the IRS as Mr. Brandon Ives