Re: [CR]Herse Crankarms

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Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 08:16:35 -0400
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
To: "Douglas R. Brooks" <>
Cc: Classic Rendevous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Herse Crankarms
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Much less "collectable" than RAIDs, but Shimano Tourney CPs were available in very long reach.


Jerry Moos

Douglas R. Brooks wrote:
> Grant Handley has NOS Herse crank arms on eBay...
> Look here to see them:
> I love the Buy It Now price, though one wonders what a _bike_ with
> these might have as an asking price (it's $1,750 for the crankarms,
> in case you don't wanna look...).
> This would put a whole new spin on a classic bike, I mean imagine
> the first time you scuff these bad boys?
> Non sequitor: yesterday I won (thanks Hilary!) a NOS pair of Mafac
> Raids, which were _just_ the ticket for my incoming Mariposa.
> Raids are the long reach version of Racers, though they strike
> me as being of slightly better quality. They are typically
> found on 650b bikes and tandems, at least the ones I have
> seen. Anyone know of any other models of long reach centerpulls?
> Weinmeann or Diacompe make ones like these?
> Non sequitor 2: would anyone care to wax poetically (or just plainly)
> about a Simplex de-multiplicator such as the ones that are used
> with Simplex bar end shifters? Any/all information is most welcome.
> I am attempting to advance my meager understanding of the sublime.
> graduating a slew of new classicists this weekend,
> Douglas Brooks
> Canandaigua, NY