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Subject: Re: [CR]OT: Lance's ride
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 21:34:22 -0400

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> I don't know who your friend is but I used to work for Lance's good
> friend and mechanic in last years tour and every Lance bike I ever
> saw was a Trek and carbon fiber.
> I don't
> know who the "well known fit guru from the east coast" but his information
> was incorrect. Again, don't believe everything you hear.

I don't believe I ever indicated or suggested he was my "friend". He is Kyle Schmeer of Cycles BiKyle. I'm certainly in no position to refute what Dave Lettieri says, but I don't think either of us is in the position to refute Kyle. I can think of very few people in this country who have more experience and exposure to European professional cycling, as well as dealings with the Postal team and it's previous incarnations. Maybe he was just blowing smoke; I don't know. Maybe the story was relative to a situation in years past (it was during last years First Union race in Phily that I had been in the shop). If DL says Lance only rode OCLV's in the 2000 Tour, I believe him. There's certainly a lot more to Lance's cycling life throughout a season than the TdF, so I still see room for Kyle's claims to be true, as well. For you to patently state that "his information was incorrect" is not a valid statement. Neither of us is in a position to say.

Either way, I doubt there is a resolution to the question. I brought the story up in the context of the handling thread and OCLV's. Sorry it veered in another direction. It's good to see US companies like Trek, Cannondale, GT, and Specialized making a presence in top European competition. They'll all improve their products because of it. Who rides what where and when is probably trivial.

But I would like to know............

Jon Schaer