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I'm already planning and collecting parts for my Ivy Cycle, assuming I can pass the customer ---- "Challenge of Worthiness" (Bom Ba Bam!!). We start with a Brooks Pro Saddle and Cyclo Touriste cranks, and build around it. Century/sport touring style, unextended head tube and fender clearance, (but then I'll probably not put them on, becuase this will be a "good, fast" bike, and fenders would "slow me down"). (Yeah, 14.5 mph is much worse than my normal 15 mph cruising speed, or 15.5 max speed.) Brick red color (Ivy on Brick, of course!), prugnat style lugs, wrapped seat stays, cream head tube and seat panel, aah, she would be bellissima!

(Sound of feminine outrage in background)

Oh, Hi dear didn't see you come in the room. New Bike? Oh no, I'm certainly not thinking of buying a new bike, good heavens no, certainly not one similar to four other ones in the garage,

Aah, talk to you later, Monkey Builder, gotta go!

Tom Adams, Kansas City, pining for an Ivy Cycle (and the Fjords) (and time to ride).

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From the response to my post I think I'll have to post the URL to the logo. Contrary to popular belief it's not going to be anything monkey oriented, more classic. If anyone cares to see the IvyCycles classic logo go to and have a look at the rough draft. And for those of you that were interested in an frame it'll be a few more years, I'm taking things really slow. When I get up and running I'll have a site and everything with pictures of the process, since each of my frames will come with a roll of film showing the process of each frame. thanks for the interest and I'll keep the list up to date. enjoy, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives

"Nobody can do everything, but if everybody did something everything would get done." Gil Scott-Heron

On Wed, 23 May 2001 wrote:
> "In the next month I'll be making the leap to framebuilding, ..."
> Congratulations on taking the custom framebuilding plunge. I eagerly await
> images of the first of the Monkeyman Marque to appear on Dale's "Classic
> Tradition Modern Makers" page.
> I must admit that I am intrigued by the logo and headbadge possibilities...


> Keep us posted.


> Ian Kersey