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Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 08:51:24 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Commisions and extended head tubes
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Actually, I kind of like the way you did the extension ...

Confession ... while I think that extensions are sometimes necessary, I agree with Brandon that they are (or can be) "unattractive" ... I like the way you used the head tube and just brazed a little decorative lug at the top.

Usually when I've seen lugged frames with head tube extensions, the builder has just put a sleeve over the steertube down to the lug and brazed it into place ... making it appear as though the lug itself had the 2-3 cm extension built in.

I think I might have painted the headtube a different color, however, so that it not only contrasted with the main paint color, but with the stainless as well ... in this case I personally would have gone with a deep golden yellow, or a dark dark navy blue.

But that's just my opinion.


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> Subject: [CR]Re: Commisions and extended head tubes
> I too agree with Phil here. I have made some very nice bicycles for customers
> but really, my best ideas are yet to be accomplished. Most likely I will have
> to find the time and money and do it for myself. I do enjoy the customers
> that give me quite a bit of ley way to do what I want but everyone has a
> tolerance (money wise) and this generally prevents the wild and crazy stuff.
> Also, I wanted to pipe in on the extended head tube, which commission I will
> take subject. I take all kinds of jobs. I do push away some of the odder
> entries. Occasionally I have had to say no or I will quote a very high price
> or turnaround hopefully deterring this customer. Would I like to build lug
> classically styled bikes exclusively? sure but I take the TIG welded work, the
> MTB's, the giant sized bicycles because I have to eat and pay the bills. Its
> that simple. I could get on my high horse and say no to all of these but I
> would be out of work pronto. As it is now, I am constantly working side jobs
> to make ends meet.
> I did just complete my first bike with an extended head tube. It was for a
> gentleman about 70 who needed his bars quite high and still wanted a
> traditional look. I thought it was warranted in this case. The pictures are
> terrible and I will have some new ones soon, but basically all the lugs, fork
> crown etc. are stainless and hand cut. I wasn't so pleased with the
> execution of the extension and I would do it a little different next time but
> that's what its all about. You have to constantly learn and change the way
> things are done to improve.
> Some preview pics are at:
> Dave
> Bohemian
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> << The best work from custom work shops is commissioned by the buyer, not the
> builder. I would guess David Bohm and Richard Sachs best work came from their
> best customer (if you can define that) that was willing and able to pay for
> it. >>
> Oh, boy! I get to start one!
> My best work-not highest quality but most elaborate and thought out-is for
> myself. My customers (with one exception) are not normally willing to spend
> the time and/or money for this sort of stuff. And I don't mean just work time
> but time spent defining just what you want. I've made nice bikes for
> customers but not as nice as my own because I really know just what I want.
> And it's very hard to draw that sort of thing out of a person because they
> may not know the range of choices available to him and the education process
> takes as long as building the bike. I like to do it but it's tough to get a
> customer to go along.
> Phil Brown