Re: [CR]New Subject - Cirque 2002 bikes

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Subject: Re: [CR]New Subject - Cirque 2002 bikes
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 16:59:49 US/Eastern

What to bring, what to bring...

'54 Hetchins (assuming that I get it and build it up in time).

Maybe a '70's Eddy Merckx-labeled, Falcon built gaspipe special in fixed mode. Maybe a late '70's decent quality Falcon.

Wondering if Dale can put out a call for some of the marques/countries not well represented in the 2001 Cirque. Jerry apparently rose to occasion this year to assure good French representation. I didn't see much in the way of Swiss bicycles. Was Mike's Cilo that he had for sale the only one? Also, I was most distressed that there were no Zeus/Razeza/Orbea bikes there to represent Spain.

Charlie Young Honeybrook, PA
> Hey, time for a new thread:
> Who is building or plotting what to drag to next year's Cirque? A year
> should give all of you plenty of fime to find and restore a nice vintage
> Briitish bike, in order to make Hilary's trip worthwhile.
> Extra points if it has fewer than ten speeds.
> Chris Byer
> Sun's Out!
> Bloomfield, NJ