Re: [CR]Cooper vs Confente: FINALE

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Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 08:28:54 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cooper vs Confente: FINALE
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Sorry for not resisting temptation. Sometimes its hard (sometimes it's not). Can't argue with Dale, he's the Grand Poobah. I know when I'm licked.....all over. (that one's for Chris)

It seems this thing isn't going to just go away. Too bad there isn't some kind of ointment we can just put on it. I resolve to keep it off list (but you guys are going to miss all the fun). Maybe Jim and I can discuss it at Jimmy Thomsons' Hetchins gathering over tea and crumpets or Ginos' bash when it happens. I know, we'll build some battlebots. The one with the best paint job wins!
> Jim and Brian.
> Without getting into the merits of either side, I think the CR list is now
> saturated with this topic. So therefore I, as supreme-nincompoop-in-control,
> make this edict: "No more zinging each other on the CR list or I boot you
> both off!" Lick your wounds and retire to your respective caves....
> Can I be any more precise?
> Thanks amigos.
> (I had to post this message to the whole list so they all know I took a stand
> and where it is....Sorry)
> Dale Brown
> List manager
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