Re: [CR]Normandy Luxe Comp. Hubs on ebay and a question:

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Subject: Re: [CR]Normandy Luxe Comp. Hubs on ebay and a question:
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 15:04:44 -0400

: Re: [CR]Normandy Luxe Comp. Hubs on ebay and a question:

> Competitions usually had flanges that were thicker around the spoke holes than
> they were near the axle. The ones on eBay seem to be Sports, even though I've
> never seen Sports with the red bands before.
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I have both gold label and red label "Luxe Competition" hubs in front of me now. Both have a thicker flange on the outside edge then a machined step down over the slots. The gold label hubs have non-removable races and the red label hubs have removable red plastic covers. The gold label hubs have larger holes in the flange than the red label hubs. The red label hubs have a thicker shaft between the flanges and smaller bulges on both ends for the bearings. I went back to ebay to have a closer look at the hubs in question. The front hub has the thicker edge and machined step down, but the rear hub doesn't appear to have the thicker flange and machining. I don't have a rear red label hub to compare the flanges so I can't tell if the lack of the thicker flange is normal or not, however, the gold label rear hub has the same look as the front hub.

David Goerndt