Re: [CR]Yet More Lambert Wierdness, and correctness in restoration.

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Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 20:59:42 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Yet More Lambert Wierdness, and correctness in restoration.

Jerry, and all memebers,

First, Jerry regarding Lambert, I have poor condition Blue early lugged frame which I am trying to restore, I measured its rear spacing is 128mm.

I also bought 1976 (?) Viscount lugless with Tange chrome replacement fork, for parts. It came with red "V" letter cap on skwer but "the lever has "Lambert" inscription on it. Sealed bearings, spaced 128mm also. But it has 5 speed free wheel. Both has consistantly "Wierd design", or some one changed later days?

If I may, would like to extend my posting to another subject. When we enjoy restoration works for vintage bikes (for show/competition/joy ride, etc.), how strickly shall we gather the parts(compornents)?

For instance, I bought incomplete 1972 Raleigh Pro from Ken Wallece Last year and I had to buy another high end bike for parts, Pat 72 N/R derailluer, L/F hub with Fiamme Red label, etc. Well, there is the exact spec sheet copy from Raleigh, so I got 100% correct, even chank wheel gear teeths! But, in case of Windsor Pro, I can not identify the exact year model by S/N, so I am making Guesses.

Another case, I just purchsed a great condition Raleigh Pro frame WK-1234XX, 1976 model but I may not be able to gather Pat 76 N/R erailluer with Diamond "6" crankset. So, if I use Pat 78, or Pat 73 derailluer, and a great condition circle "3" crankset (1983), I am doing "WRONG" restoration?? In case ofJack Taylor, 1971 Tour of Britain model, it is my understading, they built heir bike in custom specs, what nowdays people call "as you like", so as long as the age of frame set and all other parts are in the same period pieces, I can built up with whatever parats I like. I suppose you can mix French, Italian, and Brirish etc.

So, if I bring a vintage bike with strange/off priod parts in next year Cirque, please excuse me. Or, is there another catagory call "Vintage Fantacy Bike restration"??

Have a great evening!

KEN TODA, I rode '72 Raleigh Pro, and F-D 70's(?) today, I liked ride of non Campy parts cheap F-D with 27-1/8" old Weinmann wheel better! Beautiful NC. with 27-1/8