Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 11:01:27 EDT

Tony Taylor wrote;
>>When you consider the alternative of the day, those 27" "high pressure"

tires, a tubular wheel set was much lighter. I raced on tubulars (like

everyone else) in the 60s and even rode on them every day.<<

Mid to late 60's in Japan, there were very few "IMPORTS" tubulars from Europe. They cost 5 to 6 time more than domestic. But Soyo and other company made various tubelars, indicating their size by Japanese weight (Monme) like metric grams. The lightest one was 65, (maybe for Track only?).then 90 to 120 was normal size (what I see today), and had even 300 to 500.

We practiced with 250 to 300, and in real race used 80 or 90 size. We carried more than 2 spares sometimes for incase of "flat", and practiced how fast one can change and get back into racing. The stop and go was 10 to 20 seconds(?). AS far as rim cement concerned, some left on the rim was enough, and we rode almost dry all the time. It was very rare to hear someone's tire came off, as long as you were keeping your tire fresh and tight.

One more old story, for vacation, we put 500 gram, big fat tire, (to me bigger than 27-1/4 tire), and change the inner chain wheel to smaller one, hang bags in front and the rear. And I remember, we were cheap and poor, taking tubeler apart to patch flat repair! And I still have cheap 53T Sugino chainwheel (clone to Campy 151 BCD) for practice, we never used real Campy one (52T or 51) till racing day!

For my 5 yens,

KEN TODA, over the hill rider, ride for down hill only for hot summer breeze!