RE: [CR]Campy NR tandem crank question

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Subject: RE: [CR]Campy NR tandem crank question
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 20:04:42 -0700
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Triple NR era cranks are not listed in the catalogs in any length other than 170. However there was a set of 172.5 triple offered recently on Ebay and I queried the seller regarding the availability of other lengths. The answer came back that they were in fact purchased as such and not modified.

The right hand spider is SLIGHTLY different on a triple. The arms are a bit thicker and the fluting in the spider arms is shorter to account for the inner ring mounting bolt hole (on the spider arms adjacent to the crankarm).

The triple tandem set on Ebay appeared to be factory original and not a modification. I would conclude that other lengths may have been available on either special order or very limited quantity.

Anybody else know about this ? Chuck ?


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I have never heard of Campy tandem cranks in 172.5. Can anyone confirm these were made this way and not redrilled or helicoiled single-bike cranks?

Steve "rides 172.5 helicoiled cranks on my tandem" Freides wrote:
> All:
> I recently acquired a nice all-172.5 (N)R tandem crankset that has no date
> codes on any of the arms (it has the early style pedal threading script, all
> "Patent" hardware). When was the Record tandem crank intro'd? Are there 151
> BCD tandem cranks?
> Just curious....
> Greg "always learning" Parker
> hot, hot, hot, humid A2 Michigan
> (Geeked about getting those NOS 177.5 / 151 BCD cranks from Carsten...).