Re: [CR]Huret Jubilee??? Shifters

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Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 22:20:33 -0400
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
To: Monkeyman <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Huret Jubilee??? Shifters
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I'd assume it either is an honest mistake, or as I've said, late in the game, perhaps after Sachs took over, it is possible the levers he shows were sold as part of the Jubilee ensemble. Either way, I think he honestly thinks these are Jubilee shifters. I'm surprised that someone on the iBOB list hasn't asked him about this. If they have, I'd be interested to hear his response. BTW, I today received a Carradice Boxy Bag from Rivendell after a lengthy backorder, and it was worth the wait. I'm a big fan of Grant's least anyone think otherwise.


Jerry Moos

Monkeyman wrote:
> >The odd thing is Grant seems to
> >be trying to make Jubilee some kind of icon, yet doesn't seem to know what the
> >real Jubilee shift levers were. Rather strange. Maybe he saw a
> >bike with this
> >combination and assumed the leveres were Jubilee as well.
> Let's all remember right after being a bike fiend Grant is a
> Marketing Person and by plying his trade he makes a living. From
> time to time he tries to give "iconhood" to some item or other, some
> with success, some without. A lot of it being straight marketing
> hype with very little substance. My guess is the person that sold
> him the warehouse of the things told him they were Jubilee and he
> took them at their word wether he knew or not. People that unload
> huge NOS stockpiles many times don't have all the details and a lot
> of stuff is actually not really as advertised. In the past I've
> dealt with a few of these folks, but you usually wouldn't deal with
> them unless you were mail order or a distributor, like Grant. Has
> anyone called Grant and asked what the story is? I don't want to
> look like a GP appologist but honest mistakes happen quite often in
> this business when you're dealing with NOS parts.
> enjoy,
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