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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 09:02:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Campy flat bladed QRs
To: Mark Petry <>
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This suggests that six-speed spaced hubs (126.5 mm O.L.D.) were not available from Campy prior to 1977, the year that the CPSC-compliant grouppo was introduced. My impression is that six speed freewheels were standard fare well before this time, at least among "the pros".

Tom Dalton

--- Mark Petry wrote:

> It is my OPINION that the flat bladed QRs with

\r?\n> conical end nuts were limited

\r?\n> to the 5 speed / 120mm OLD which is 5 speed.


\r?\n> Best I can determine from your description the end

\r?\n> nut with "2 coin edge

\r?\n> bands" is a Tipo part. All record end nuts will

\r?\n> have a chrome loop. The

\r?\n> later model record end nut will not be conical, but

\r?\n> slightly domed on the

\r?\n> end to account for CPSC regulations.


\r?\n> markp


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\r?\n> > I have a question about the proper vintage and

\r?\n> type skewers to match the

\r?\n> > first generation Super Record rear derailer. I've

\r?\n> seen Campy flat bladed

\r?\n> > skewers with small acorn nuts securing the handles

\r?\n> as well as ones using

\r?\n> "C"

\r?\n> > clips. Are both of them Record type or is one from

\r?\n> a lesser gruppo, or are

\r?\n> > they of different vintages (or both) ?

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > I've also seen different "vintage" skewer nuts,

\r?\n> one conical with two "coin

\r?\n> > edge" bands and one conical with chrome loop. Are

\r?\n> these from different

\r?\n> > vintages or different gruppos? I've also seen the

\r?\n> cap portion (through

\r?\n> which

\r?\n> > the lever fits) with lettering engraved and plain

\r?\n> caps as well. What's up

\r?\n> > with that?

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Thank you very much in advance for you guidance.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Randy