Re: [CR]Attn Peugeot Experts, Lady needs help!

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Subject: Re: [CR]Attn Peugeot Experts, Lady needs help!
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 11:11:42 -0400

Hello Mary,

Based on various Peugeot brochures that I have, my best estimation of what your friend acquired is a Peugeot UE 18. It is called a "mixte frame equipped 10 speed touring bicycle." It was only available in a 20" frame size. Standard equipment was the same as the popular UO 8 plus "rear carrier with rat trap (my guess that means a sprung hold down), pump, tool kit, spoke protector, round chainwheel guard, front and rear lighting." It also came equipped with stainless steel mudguards. If the bike she acquired has plastic fenders, no rear carrier or lighting, then it is a UO 18 which is identical to the UE 18 without all the extra goodies (i.e. a UO 8 mixte with upright bars). As an additional FYI, there was also a UO 18 C - same as the UO 18 but with drop bars.

Hope that is more helpful than confusing.

Eric Elman

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Subject: [CR]Attn Peugeot Experts, Lady needs help!

> I am forwarding this from Bonnie who found a vintage Peugeot mixte & needs
> help identifying what it is. I've already directed her to the PX10 home
> page. her email is at the bottom. I'm also curious.
> Thanks
> Mary Lanphier
> Subject: Re: PX-10
> > thanks!
> > It was sitting at the Goodwill in the rich part of town, and looks like
> it's
> > been sitting in a sealed vault for the last thirty years, complete with
> > never-used Bluemel plastic fenders and a seat bag matching the
> > Peugeot-labeled sprung seat. I looked at the decal page and components
> > lists and still not sure what I have. It's sunshine yellow, a mixte, 20"
> > seat post and about 22" seat-to-handlebar (maybe a touring geometry). It
> is
> > extensively hand-painted with black pinstripes and detailing around the
> lugs.
> > Very pretty.
> > It has the decals for a 70-early 70s PX-10 . The only decal missing is
> the
> > Reynolds decal, I think it was covered with a license tag on the seat
> post.
> > According to the Peugeot page, it has the serial number of a 60s track
> bike
> > (9xxxxx). The weird part is that is has a Nervex crank/drive set in front
> > that looks really cheapo (maybe the good stuff was removed, or never sold
> on
> > ladie's frames) The cranks are cottered. It has Mafac "racer" brakes with
> red
> > buttons, and simplex derailleurs front and back. Ten-speed, not alpine
> > gearing. Tires and rims clearly original, hold air, 27", Normandy hubs,
> but
> > I wouldn't want to go very far on the tires because they're elderly.
> > Handlebars are women's touring type, not dropped, semi-straight with
> white
> > plastic grips and brakes at the ends.
> > It's a pretty bike for commuting. Thought I should figure out what it is
> > before I figure out what to do. The Gitanes of the same vintage are the
> only
> > bikes that seem to fit me, other than Japanese bikes. I'm not sure if I
> > should put this up for barter for something that fits me, or chop it up to
> > make it fit me (need different handlebar)
> > Any help on what this is is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


> Bonnie


> >