Re: [CR]Attn Peugeot Experts, Lady needs help!

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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 11:14:49 -0400
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From: Sheldon Brown <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Attn Peugeot Experts, Lady needs help!

Mary Lanphier wrote:
>I am forwarding this from Bonnie who found a vintage Peugeot mixte & needs
>help identifying what it is. I've already directed her to the PX10 home
>Mary Lanphier
>Subject: Re: PX-10
>It was sitting at the Goodwill in the rich part of town, and looks
>like it's been sitting in a sealed vault for the last thirty years,
>complete with never-used Bluemel plastic fenders and a seat bag
>matching the Peugeot-labeled sprung seat. I looked at the decal
>page and components lists and still not sure what I have. It's
>sunshine yellow, a mixte, 20" seat post and about 22"
>seat-to-handlebar (maybe a touring geometry). It is extensively
>hand-painted with black pinstripes and detailing around the
>lugs. Very pretty.
>It has the decals for a 70-early 70s PX-10 . The only decal missing is
>the Reynolds decal, I think it was covered with a license tag on the seat

This sounds like a UE-18. I never heard of Peugeot making a Reynolds mixte. See:
>According to the Peugeot page, it has the serial number of a 60s
>track bike (9xxxxx). The weird part is that is has a Nervex
>crank/drive set in front that looks really cheapo (maybe the good
>stuff was removed, or never sold on ladie's frames) The cranks are

Surely that's "Nervar" not "Nervex."
>It has Mafac "racer" brakes with red buttons,

One bogus thing that's always bothered me about these bikes is the lack of brake adjusters.
>and simplex derailleurs front and back. Ten-speed, not alpine gearing.

That's the other thing that's always bothered me about the UO-18/UE-18, the bikes are set up for touring in most respects, except for the lack of any low gears. The related UO-8/UO-18 came with the cool 52/36 cranks, but _didn't_ have the touring goodies: fenders,racks, generator lights.
>Tires and rims clearly original, hold air, 27", Normandy hubs, but
>I wouldn't want to go very far on the tires because they're elderly.

If they're the original Hutchinsons, they're, indeed, not too trustworthy.
>Handlebars are women's touring type, not dropped, semi-straight
>with white plastic grips and brakes at the ends. It's a pretty bike
>for commuting. Thought I should figure out what it is before I
>figure out what to do. The Gitanes of the same vintage are the only
>bikes that seem to fit me, other than Japanese bikes. I'm not sure
>if I
>should put this up for barter for something that fits me, or chop it up to
>make it fit me (need different handlebar)
>Any help on what this is is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Enjoy it, but it's nothing special.

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