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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Peugeot mixte with Reynolds 531 tubing?
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Don't know about fancy Peugeot mixte's but have seen Bob Jackson, Jack Taylor, and Bertin mixtes. The Bertins and Jacksons were sold through Hans Ohrt Lightweight Bikes in west LA in the early 1970's. There have been a few sporadic runs of Italian high-end step-through frames over the years. Cinelli and Colnago made a small number in the early 1980's. They kept the same geometry as diamond-frame Super Corsas and Superissimos which, according to accounts of riders, made some bikes with a really scary combination of flex and twitch! David Feldman

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> << I am forwarding this from Bonnie who found a vintage Peugeot mixte & needs
> help identifying what it is. I've already directed her to the PX10 home
> page. her email is at the bottom. I'm also curious. >>
> Reading that description, it makes me wonder if there were any 531 Mixtes
> made by Peugeot.. I don't think so!
> I sold them in shops intermittently from 1973 until the early 1990s (or
> whenever their distribution pooped out in the USA) and I recall no "fancy"
> mixte models... This certainly does not mean that they never existed, esp.
> maybe in France or Europe as perhaps a higher priced mixte framed bike might
> be more likely to find buyers there?
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, North Carolina